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NeoLux Debuts NUUT, First E-Book Device with Electronic

Paper Screen in Korea

-Adopted E Ink's Vizplex TM Imaging Film, newest-generation electronic paper display
- Over 50.000 bookc and comics from major Korean publishers available on the e-book store (www.nuutbook.com)
- Most affordable e-book reader with electronic-paper screen on the market.
- Stores over 1.000 e-books in internal memory

NeoLux Co., Ltd. of Korea today announced the launch of NUUT, a new e-book device with electronic paper screen. NUUT is the first commercial consumer device with an electronic paper screen released in the Korean market.

NUUT is the first of its kiind to host a Vizplex TM electroninc paper screen. Vizplex TM is the newest, fastest and brightest electronic paper display yet from E Ink Corporation, with an 80 percent improvement in refresh rate and an 25 percent improvement in brightness over the previous version of electroninc paper. Unlike LCD, E Ink's electroninc paper display offers paper-like readability under sunlight, a viewing angle of near 180 degres, and ultra-low power consumption of about 5 percent of that of conventional LCD, among other advantages.

NUUT also boasts 512 megabytes of internel memory large enough for 1.000 e-books or more, and a rechargeable battery good for up to 7.500 page turns with a single charge, in a light, copact package. Yet NUUT is priced at about $280, the lowest of all e-paper-based reader available in the world's market.

Content availability is a particularly attractive aspect of NUUT. As of today, over 300.000 volumes of e-books can be read on NUUT. That number is many times the largest number of e-book volumes available for any single e-book device previously.

NUUT's softaware offers convenient features with easy-to-use control. A variety of page turning methods, footnote viewing, and music playing are some of the features included in NUUT's software. The footnote viewing feature adds convenience to reading scholarly and professional materials as well as regular books, and tne musix-playing-while-reading function is apt for learning foreign languages. English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages in various font sizes are supported.

With the newest electroninc paper screen, a new combination of components, vast content availability, convenience, and affordability unwitnessed thus far.

"We are very pleased to be the first to launch this next-generation display device in Korea," said Woo-jong Kang, CEO of NeoLux. He also added, "We hope NUUT will play a key role in the growth of Korea's e-book industry".

"E Ink is delighted to see electronic paper products coming to korea, one of the leading countries in the wordl for growth of digital books and for using the latest technologies. We are sure everyone will enjoy the NUUT." said Ryosuke Kuwada, VP Asia of E Ink.

NeoLux will offer over 50.000 books and comics on its Web store at www.nuutbook.com, as well as NUUT and accessories. More contents in further varieties, such as newspapers, magazines, professional contents, and textbooks, will be added down the road. For further details, please visit www.nuutbook.com. For further inquiries, please contact: Jae-yong Yang, Senior Manager (Tel: + 82-31-740-9944, email: jyyang@nuutbook.com) Neolux, Co., Ltd. Lire aussi sur http://www.eink.com


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