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Le journal les Echo lance son Epaper ce 12 septembre 2007



Les Echos first French electronic newspaper edition daily on iRex iLiad
Eindhoven/Paris, September 12, 2007
Les Echos, the French leading newspaper in electronic newspaper publishing and iRex Technologies, the Dutch
pioneer in electronic paper solutions would like to announce their cooperation in introducing the Les Echos
electronic paper edition on the iRex iLiad for the French market by September 2007.
Subscribers of Les Echos newspaper and interested new subscribers will get an attractive offer from Les Echos to
enjoy their daily newsmagazine on an iLiad electronic paper device. Two different editions: Les Echos and AFP,
updated every hour (7am – 9pm) from Monday to Friday via the WiFi delivery direct into the electronic paper
device, without the need for a PC. 
Statement Philippe Jannet: “This will introduce a new era of newspaper publishing. It is a tradition of Les Echos to
be the first to bring innovative solutions to their readers. With the subscription our readers will get an attractive
offer of a year subscription of Les Echos with multiple editions, two free e-paper editions (one dedicated to
Personal Finance information and one to Stock Exchange information), an extra AFP edition, some free e-books and
the electronic paper device at a great bargain.”
On behalf of iRex Technologies BV, Willem Endhoven, VP of marketing and Business development comments: “We
have envisioned for some time the potential of electronic paper solutions for the newspaper industry. We are very
pleased that, in cooperation with Les Echos, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the whole system of content
delivery of multiple editions per day over Internet. Together with Les Echos we made it attractive to their
readers to receive this advanced portable device that reads like paper for your books, notes, documents and now
also: your newspaper. This will set the trend in the newspaper industry.”
About iRex Technologies
iRex Technologies BV, located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is a spin-off company from
Royal Philips Electronics. iRex provides electronic-paper based solutions for reading written digital content with
the ease and comfort of print on paper, combined with the interactivity, flexibility and up-dating ability of digital
information. iRex has a Business-to Business focus: supporting organizations in bringing their content (newspapers,
books, documents) to their members, customers and employees, wherever they are, whenever they want it.
Press contact iRex Technologies: 
Loeki van der Lee
Phone:  +31 40 8514 650
For the latest on iRex Technologies see http://www.irextechnologies.com
High-resolution pictures are available from:  http://www.irextechnologies.com/press/downloads
About Les Echos
Founded in 1908, the French daily newspaper Les Echos is the paper of reference for business leaders. 
Les Echos has a circulation of 140,313 (OJD 2005) and is read by 486,000 business leaders and decision-makers
(IPSOS FCA 2007). The editorial staff is made up of 190 journalists (with 12 foreign correspondents) and
approximately 40 regional correspondents.
Created in 1996, Lesechos.fr is the leading French business and financial web site. It provides all the up-to-date
financial news and related date, including the markets and business information. Lesechos.fr is the first
information website in Europe, exploring a hybrid model (free content paid by advertising and content reserved to
website subscribers). Today Lesechos.fr have more than 25,000 subscribers, more than 1.5 million unique
visitors/month and is one of the rare information website to be profitable.
Providing the ideal complement to the paper edition and the lesechos.fr website, this new mobile e-paper reader
combines the reading quality of the paper, the advantages of mobility, instantaneous updating and the rich content
of the internet. 
Press contact Les Echos:
Sonia Khatchadourian 
Phone : +33 1 49 53 65 47 / 66 12
Fax: +33 1 43 59 00 02
For more information about the e-paper offer of Les Echos see http://www.lesechos.fr/epaper/inscription.htm
medium_logo-epaper.gif source: http://www.eink.com/

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